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The idea is to be spontaneous rather than structuring outings weeks in advance.Mix and mingle amongst friends old and new Hailing from Paris, Smeeters is a tool for matching like-minded social groups over a drink.Despite the wild success of dating apps like Tinder and Happn, some prefer to simply meet friends without the pressure of dating and new meet and greet apps are cropping up."No Plans? " That's the motto of Wiith, the newest of the friend-hunting apps.Connecting people in close proximity who have shared interests, Wiith allows users to create an event - be that going hiking or attending a concert - or join someone else's.LOBBY Nightclub will be an escape from the dullness of everyday life where members can let loose while still networking with some of the country's most influential people.Experience and indulge in the [more]Feel right at home!Based on a vast variety of interest groups of which it claims to have 199,811, the app is for those who prefer a structured activity.

It offers a warm environment perfect for a variety of events, including private parties, swingers nights, or even just a nice meal.

Has your life been turned upside down by an affair? I am individual and relationship therapist with specialization in sex therapy.

My clients come to me because they feel stuck and have tried therapy before but they can't pull themselves out of the issue.

For many it is their first time living away from their childhood home.

It is the first time they have really had to consider the "real world" and the rest of their lives.

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