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In the spring of 2009, Rogers received a friend request through My Space from a woman in Ghana.He replied to explain to her that the social network wasn’t a dating site — a move he would later regret.Title: Php scripts, cgi scripts, scripts installation, scripts with resell rights...Description: Php and cgi scripts, scripts with resell rights, scripts with master resell rights, open code scripts, scripts installation service, script programming service. Created: 17 February 2003 Expires: 17 February 2021 Owner: Josh Abbott Domain Name: E-TOPBIZ.We can configure many aspects of surfing such as, how many credits people get for purchasing Ad Packs, how many seconds per site, how many they have to surf to earn, etc.Tokens (Ad Packs, Investment Packs, etc)The word "Token" is used to represent things people can earn on in your system.You may access the demo page by submitting the form.

Many specific details can be configured for each of the components.

All scripts is Decoded File (Source Code), Unlimited Domain & Working.

Variable Compound rate: ARM HYIP comes with the new Feature - Compounding Option.

This HYIP Script is already built with a large variety of options that have been developed over several years of research and development. Surfing/Rating Sites If you would like, you can enable surfing/rating sites in the system.

We feel that this script is the most secure, and fully featured HYIP script available today. This will be required by members to make their earnings.

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