Dating obsidian arrowheads

This separation between the analysis methods routinely utilized by members of the art and archaeological community and those of the arti­fact collector will eventually disappear as the importance and value of Native American material is fully recognized.As in many areas of collecting, it has been the use of formal analysis techniques, solid historical research, and scien­tific testing that has elevated objects to their current levels of importance and value.Great looking arrowheads and spear points made from light gray or rose colored flint. Our iron arrowheads are patterned after points found dating back to 1750 and in use thru the 1850s.Our handmade arrows feature a traditional forged iron point, natural turkey wing feather fletching and high quality shafts with handcarved, integral nocks wrapped with cord or sinew. Makes the perfect authentic knife when added to a stag handle and tied with sinew.In addition, as the artifact collector and the archaeologist begin to share more methods and disciplines, the collaboration between the two communities can continue to mature.The process of authentication involves a wide variety of steps that are intimately linked and completely interde­pendent.

I acquired the piece shown above, and I admired the "micro-flaking" on this knife's edge, and I wondered, what in the world would have prevented the ancient artisan from "completing his work" on what would have been a most beautiful piece...There are steps to evaluate the provenance of an object, steps to evaluate the paperwork that documents it, and steps to evaluate any prior conservation or analysis efforts; while other steps evaluate the object itself on the basis of artistic qualities, stylistic norms, techniques, and materials. Pfeiffer, Associate Editor The Great Basin is a large, arid region of the northwestern United States.Amethyst can be found in crystals weighing well over 100 pounds, but when worn Amethyst is particularly stimulating to the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras.Originating from the Greek word for “not drunk,’ Amethyst has been highly regarded for its ability to keep its wearer clear headed and quick. Called Carbonado, black diamonds are a form of polycrystalline diamond, which essentially means its structure is similar to many small diamonds being pressed together.

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