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We respect your work and offer a 30% partner discount for on-demand and business licenses, and from 50% up to 65% for home user stock licenses. Emsisoft's unique and reliable approach offers business partners the opportunity to reach revenue goals in a short time.We offer individual support, respect your work and reward you with an attractive partner discount.As someone who has used a dating site in the past, I'm afraid the answer is no - they can't sign you up just like that.You have to activate your account by confirming it through a special email they send you and you also have to create a profile - that is give all your details, age, height, area, etc. I'm so sorry to say that but I wanted to be honest with you.At Emsisoft, we have a dedicated global technical support team.With over 30 employees worldwide there will always be someone available in your timezone to help with questions and, even more importantly, to offer answers. For us, you are not just a reseller, but a valuable partner.

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, we have been together 12 yrs but when we first gt together he did sleep wi my best friend and I forgave him,it is obvious he looks at porn as he gets lots of sex texts and emails.

We consider the members of our Emsisoft Local Partner Network to be the voices our customers hear and the faces of our team to the public.

This is why you can always expect the best possible support and immediate feedback for any of your requests.

me and my hubby have access to each others emails and when I was deleting his emails I came across frm a dating agency confirming he'd signed uo so I went on and put his email address in and guessed his password and it signed me in!

So when I confronted him he said they always pop up on his facebook and he accidentally pressed it but hes no idea y he has a account with them but its not his fault!

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