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A latter day manufacturer, from Germany, made pitiful copies of this plane, characterized by low-rate castings smeared with a hideous green paint.If you plan to do a lot of scraping, these are nice to own since they save your fingers from getting burned (due to the friction between the scraper and the wood).

Defects, such as pitting and other detractions, are always noted in the item descriptions.It is not possible to show all these, but the user will soon discover places where these tools will prove their value."They are sorta D-shaped, with two turned hardwood knobs (beech or maple) on each end.The knobs flank an adjustable L-shaped cutter, which protrudes through a large, circular opening in the plane's sole.Stanley Hand Planes helped write the American hand plane story from the late 1800's on.Once known as the King of Hand Planes, the Stanley Rule & Level Company put a Leonard Bailey style hand plane in just about every workshop in America.

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