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The Arar (Saône) River formed part of the border between the Haedui and their hereditary rivals, the Sequani.Each tribe claimed the Arar and the tolls on trade along it.It was such a fascinating case that we were more than happy, nay, keen to be involved.We hunted through cemeteries, French passenger lists, Consistoire registers, naturalisation files, commercial directories, notarial records, and many more. Picard quite brilliantly combined the French research with her much larger amount of research into American records to prove a remarkable point -- that historians had mistaken the racial background of Jules Lion.

If you have ever been puzzled by aspects of an ancestor's identity in your research, or if you simply want to have an amazing read about one of Louisiana's earliest photographers, do read this excellent study. Picard, for allowing us to publish the link on The FGB.

The Sequani controlled access to the Rhine River and had built an oppidum (a fortified town) at Vesontio to protect their interests.

The Sequani defeated and massacred the Haedui at the Battle of Magetobriga, with the help of the Arverni tribe and the Germanic Suebi tribe under the Germanic king Ariovistus.

Despite the rain that fell on the OFNIJEC for much of the weekend, our guitars gave us a lively melody all Saturday.

Up on the stage where a band played, we assisted them on our guitars to the delight of the general audience.

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