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Almost all albumen prints are done on very thin paper and then mounted to cardboard.

This process was very common in the last half of the 19th century and was used most on cabinet cards.

Many actors and actresses who rose to stardom during the silent movie era were unable to make the transition to the "talkies", and tumbled into obscurity. The humble cigarette card provides a breathtaking window to perhaps the most significant period in the history of mankind: 1870s-1930s.

World Wars, the first Hollywood movie stars, motorcars, the Wright Brothers' first flight, early sports celebrities and much more (see categories above) are all vividly portrayed on these miniature masterpieces.

It is the cigarette card's uncanny ability to tap into the interests of a wide cross-section of society and inbuilt collectibility that have ensured its survival over other collectors' items.

The trading card pre-dates the cigarette card and originated from the 17th century tradesman's cards.

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Airbrush - A Technique which colors have been painted using air compression.

Appliqu - A term sometimes used to describe a postcard with added elements such as hair, feathers, wood, beads or metal. Archival - Any museum quality material that will protect postcards for extended periods of time.Artist Signed - Any card which has an artist's signature or initials.When was the last time you packed up the car and hit the highway for a road-tripping adventure across the States?Vintage porn takes you back to the retro days of the golden age of porn when many fans flocked to public cinemas for a glimpse of their favorite legendary pornstars.Classic porn from the film age, VHS days and pinup postcard past is all here for you in the Free Ones vintage XXX section.

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