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Through fame’s unforgiving lessons to disappointing label matters, Mario, born Mario Barrett, held his own, exemplifying what grace under pressure really looks like.

Fresh off releasing his first single, “I Need More,” a hype and new sound from the crooner, Mario readies his fifth studio album It’s a warm up record for sure.

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That was my approach doing this record; I found myself in so many scenarios like that.

Though Dexter took off for Florida in the aftermath of the explosive affair, it seems she and Mario have kept in contact.

A source tells Radar that Mario took a flight from West Palm Beach— near Dexter’s new home— to New York in the wee hours of Monday, April 20, after what seemed to be a weekend away.

She is also involved in adventures with Georgie Jones, her uncle Dillon Quartermaine, and Sage Alcazar, who competes with her for a recording contract.

The obnoxious Sage is murdered by serial killer Mary Bishop after she is locked in the Quartermaine freezer by a fed-up Georgie.

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