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Windows Update exists to keep Windows and other Microsoft software updated, usually with little intervention from us.This includes security updates that are pushed out on Patch Tuesday.For over 24 hours Windows Update has said "Restart your computer to install important updates", yet every time I restart and check Windows Update it is still saying "Restart your computwer to install important updates". I also uninstalled the "Upgrade to Windows10 Home " update which now shows as failed.

Sometimes updates will error out, or sometimes Windows Update may just get stuck “searching for updates” forever. Windows includes a built-in troubleshooter that may be able to help fix a stuck update.Firstly, now when I change my desktop dispay to 125% magnification, the windows can look blurred, like I dont have a graphics driver installed. I want to uninstall a driver, but as soon as windows is rebootet, it download and install a driver :mad: I want to install a driver that I do know work, but to do that, Windows own driver must be uninstalled. If you go to control panel windows update and got this code P.s Sorry I only have Japanese computer :/ but error code should be the same There are 2 method , The method 2 is below : D: D ( I Recommend do the method 2 first ) ...Could not find it on this forum yet, so just FYI as it also may afflict Windows 10.Hi, I had reserved my copy of Win10, but then revoked the reservation as I want to control the download and installation my self. Click Start (or press Windows key S for Windows 8.1 users) Type: view installed updates Hit Enter on your keyboard Look through the list for the KB3035583 and KB2976978 update.But even after I revoked the reservation, well before Win10 was release, my laptop still seems to have downloaded the Win10 install files. Luckely it fails every time, with error code 80240020. I already removed the KB which installed the Win10 reservation tool. Right click each update and click Uninstall Hi I 'upgraded' from my trusty windows 7 to windows 10 today.

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